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Everything Windows Download
Everything Windows Download

Everything is an essential administrative tool for any user to search for files and directories on your computer.

The program offers a quick search for files and directories based on keywords (fragments of their name, for example). It searches all data in just a few seconds and, in addition, displays a prominent list of the results. So, in this case, it can be a worthy alternative to the built-in search engine in the operating system.

Everything offers a much faster and more accurate data search, as well as continuous indexing of the entire hard disk contents, with minimal use of system resources. It supports regular expressions during data search and enables exporting the results list to a text file.

Using this small application, we can share our files and directories on the network, thanks to the built-in ETP, FTP, and HTTP services. The configuration of the servers is straightforward, and all options are set up with just a few mouse clicks. After typing the appropriate keyword in the search engine, Everything displays not only the name of the file and directory but also gives the exact path, size, and date of the last modification.

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Everything Windows Download

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