ProcessKO 6.06 Windows

ProcessKO 6.06 Windows Download
ProcessKO 6.06 Windows Download

ProcessKO ist ein kleines Programm, das entwickelt wurde, um alle laufenden und angehaltenen Prozesse oder Programme schnell zu schließen („killen“). Es ist eher für erfahrene Windows-Benutzer konzipiert.
The utility will shut down any active process, as well as create a favorites list from currently running processes or applications installed on disk. It’s also not uncommon for developers and testers to find that the program they’re testing either doesn’t work correctly or can’t even be closed using the task manager.

With help comes the ProcessKO application, which solves these problems with a single click. Select the blocked item in the list, click the “End Process” option and confirm the question, “Are you sure you want to end the process.” Use the Ctrl+Alt+F4 key combination to close the window currently in the foreground of the desktop.
In addition to the “Favorites” function, there is the “Instant K.O.” (immediately interrupts the selected process or program) and “KO Timer” (allows you to create a schedule for closing established processes).
A significant advantage of this tool is the ability to close applications, for which in the system task manager, you would have to have administrator rights.

Größe: 145 KB
Lizenz: Freeware
Benötigt: 7/8/10/11

Download ProcessKO 6.06 Windows

ProcessKO 6.06 Windows Download

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