Fotor 4.4.6 / 3.8.5 Windows/macOS

Fotor 4.4.6 / 3.8.5 Windows/macOS Download
Fotor 4.4.6 / 3.8.5 Windows/macOS Download

Fotor is a free, fascinating tool designed for quick photo editing. The application offers all the necessary tools and filters to achieve amazing effects with just a few mouse clicks.

The application was initially created as a tool for quick photo editing on mobile devices. The producer decided to move the program to the desktop platform as well. Fotor is the window version, like the Android and iOS editions, and has a rich database of ready-made effects. To give your photo a unique atmosphere, select the desired look from the list, and then use the slider to set its intensity level.

Fotor is also equipped with more advanced functions for manipulating the appearance of a photo. The user can instantly change such photo elements as exposure, brightness, contrast, color saturation, sharpness, white balance, temperature, and hue or add a vignette effect. By moving the sliders in the right direction, you can increase or decrease the appearance of the effect. In addition, the application allows you to straighten the photo and crop the image to any proportion.

The tool also offers the ability to add frames to graphics. Fotor offers dozens of high-quality structures that make your photos look even more attractive. You can also use the application to create the so-called tilt-shift effect. The converted images can be exported to one of the popular graphic formats (JPEG, PNG, GMP, and TIF) or sent directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Flicker servers.

Size: 442 MB
Licencia: Con publicidad / Freemium
Requiere: 7/8/10/11/macOS

Download Fotor 4.4.6 / 3.8.5 Windows/macOS

Fotor 4.4.6 / 3.8.5 Windows/macOS Download

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