WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 Windows/macOS

WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 Windows/macOS Download
WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 Windows/macOS Download

WhatsApp – a desktop client of the instant messenger of the same name; a cross-platform solution that is gaining popularity. It is an application that browses our contacts database with cell phone numbers. Still, they are used only as user IDs so that after installation, we automatically see in the contact list of friends who use this solution. There is no charge for just sending messages.
The software was created to unify communication between people using phones (and computers) based on different operating systems, hence the extensive list of available installers for mobile versions.
It is straightforward to use due to the general simplicity of the whole solution and a well-organized interface, in which minimalism, smooth animations, and convenient sliding panels are present. In this field, the program undoubtedly earns the highest marks, significantly since even the colors of the windows can be changed freely in a wide range. The same applies to how you receive notifications and automatically log into the application at startup – all these elements can be controlled in the settings.

During a conversation, an extensive conversation window is visible on the screen. In addition to messages, you can send Emoji icons, photos, videos, and other media. A little confusing, but on the other hand, at most time-consuming and not tricky seems to be the process of first starting the program and creating an account. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the program on a smartphone, enter a phone number, which will be verified by SMS, and finally scan the QR code displayed on the computer screen. From then on, our data is synchronized, and we can use the application without limitations.


  • To use the application, it is necessary to have its mobile version and create a user account.
  • The application constantly synchronizes data with its mobile version, so you should know that your phone’s Internet package will be consumed.

Size: 143 MB
लाइसेंस: फ्रीवेयर
आवश्यकता है: 7/8/10/11/macOS

Download WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 Windows/macOS

WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 Windows/macOS Download

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