O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 17.6.507 Windows

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 17.6.507 Windows Download
O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 17.6.507 Windows Download

O&O DiskImage Professional is a program designed to create disk images, i.e., particular backups of entire hard drives. You can also make an image of a selected partition (e.g., with the system, saved applications, and settings), as well as create a backup of directories and files. The program allows you to restore the data stored in the image quickly; this can be done both from Windows and through the so-called bootable disk.

Fungsi utama:

  • creating images of entire disks and individual partitions, with the operating system, applications, settings, user preferences, and all other data,
  • making backup copies of individual folders and files,
  • duplication of disks and partitions using images,
  • images and backup can be saved to HDD, network drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs,
  • scheduling of specific tasks – automatic creation of images and backups by date and time, execution of specific functions and commands before and after starting image and backup creation, sending notifications,
  • creation of a so-called bootable/bootable disk (CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc or external drive or USB key), containing a set of repair tools in addition to the disk image. The bootable/bootable disk allows easy restoration/repair of the system and data, booting up and running without Windows, which, for example, may have been damaged.
  • easy restoration of all data, also using a bootable disk, whose software is based on the Windows platform, unlike similar solutions based on Linux,
  • images can also be used in the reinstallation of the system with all updates, settings, and important files,
  • the program allows restoration independent of the computer’s hardware configuration,
  • external compression applications, such as WinZip or WinRar, can be used to restore files and folders,
  • making images of both all sectors and only those occupied by data,
  • incrementing images – adding new data to previously saved images,
  • support for so-called Forensic and Direct Forensic images, which are used in forensics and do not allow any changes to the disk and image during, for example, image creation or data analysis,
  • boot disks are visible to both BIOS and EFI/UEFI,
  • support for Microsoft Virtual PC Disks (VHD), direct restoration of data from VHD virtual disks,
  • efficient compression,
  • encryption of disk images,
  • support for basic disks, dynamic disks, and GPT disks (using GUID partition table),
  • individual files and their types can be excluded from the created image,
  • advanced reporting system and sending email notifications,
  • O&O DiskImage Express module – a minimized view mode, allowing quick use of some program functions,
  • Use O&O DiskImage Tray, which allows you to operate the application using an icon in the notification area.

The program offers a whole range of tools concerning images and backups, as well as those for disk analysis, for example. In the tools, you will find such functions as reading detailed information about the image, checking the image for errors, burning images to discs, the ability to mount and unmount the image (including ISO files), combining incremental images, converting the image, mapping and disconnecting the network drive, checking the drive for errors, changing the properties of a computer whose system is currently inactive, creating a boot disk.

Size: 57 MB
Lisensi: Shareware
Membutuhkan: 7/8/10/11

Download O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 17.6.507 Windows

O&O DiskImage Professional Edition 17.6.507 Windows

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