EaseUS Todo Backup 無料版 20220922 Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition 20220922 Windows Download
EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition 20220922 Windows Download

EASEUS Todo Backup is a comprehensive backup and restores solution. The software is designed for home users who can use it for free. EASEUS Todo Backup allows you to save any files, including programs with settings, which can be restored anytime after accidental deletion, virus attack, or if you need to revert to the previous version.

EASEUS Todo Backup can backup individual files, folders, partition images, and entire drives, including partitions with the operating system installed. Files can be selected by folder, by type (music, photos, documents…), and can be included in the backup even when used by other programs. The backup of the system and installed programs are done in the background and do not require any interruption of work. Backups can be saved from the program to external media (disk, DVD…) or an FTP server. The whole process can be done on-demand, automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or on the occurrence of an event (for example, right after the system starts).

When restoring files from a backup, it is possible to select specific files to be restored. The process of recovering files is straightforward and fast so that you can restore your system in no time after a disaster.

In addition to the file-based tools, EASEUS Todo Backup includes a backup manager, a partition cloning tool (which also allows you to migrate the system to a new drive), a disk cloning tool, and tools necessary for mounting disk images and for secure data wiping. The backup manager, in addition to being able to choose when to make copies, choose files and manage copies, also allows you to convert a system partition image to an image in a format used by VMware or VirtualPC. You can use full and incremental backups (only files that have changed are added and overwritten). Backups can be password protected.

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Download EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition 20220922 Windows

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Edition 20220922 Windows Download