Drives Monitor 17.0 Windows

Drives Monitor 17.0 Windows Download
Drives Monitor 17.0 Windows Download

Drives Monitor is a small and useful gadget, designed to be placed on the Windows desktop. The main task of the program is to monitor the hard drive and inform the user about its parameters and performance. The application also tracks all external memory devices connected to the computer via USB.

The data collected and presented by the program include:

  • the drive’s designation and name,
  • its activity level expressed as a percentage,
  • current data writing and reading speeds, as well as the peak values of these parameters,
  • disk capacity and the remaining amount of free space, as well as the degree to which it is full, are given in two forms: a bar and a percentage,
  • a graph showing disk activity in a selected slice of time.

An interesting feature of the program is access to two modes: logical and physical. The former displays data with detail and partitioning, while the latter tracks only the basic parameters of physical drives. From the application, we can also access detailed technical data of the selected drive, such as the model, capacity (to the nearest bit), number of partitions, interface type, and firmware version.

The gadget can be freely customized to our needs, hiding drives we don’t want to observe, eliminating virtual drives from view, changing the parameters visible in the graphs, and modifying the appearance of the interface by changing the colors and degree of transparency.

Size: 234 KB
Licens: Gratisprogram
Kräver: 7/8/10/11

Download Drives Monitor 17.0 Windows

Drives Monitor 17.0 Windows Download

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