ueli 8.22.1 Windows/macOS

ueli 8.22.1 Windows/macOS Download
ueli 8.22.1 Windows/macOS Download

ueli is a small application used to quickly search and launch files, selected websites, and more.

After installing the described tool, it will be automatically minimized to the system tray, from which we can call it using the “alt + space” combination. The basic option offered by ueli provides for the possibility to enable any program or computer game located on the user’s hard drive by typing a specific name and pressing the “enter” button. If more than one item appears in the search results, we can select it using the arrows on the keyboard.

ueli does a very good job of immediately launching a web browser. In the main window of the program, we can either type in any address (e.g. www.filesdownload.org) or search for a phrase of interest on Google using the following template g?{search term}.

Interestingly, the application supports not only Google but also Google Graphics (in which case we replace g with gi), DuckDuckGo (d), YouTube (yt), and Linguee (l). In addition, ueli allows you to run any track located on your computer’s hard drive or a connected mobile device (e.g. D:\MUSIC).

Size: 99 MB
Leseni: Open Source
Inahitaji: 7/8/10/11/macOS

Download ueli 8.22.1 Windows/macOS

ueli 8.22.1 Windows/macOS Download

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